Monday, July 19, 2010

Bullet effectiveness on game?

We are hunters. The first bullets we designed were based on necessity. At that time projectiles available would not expand and it was very difficult to depend on getting a clean kill, usually a long tracking job followed the shot. Our first bullets were long heavy big bore size conicals with our patented hydraulic expansion system. The bullets were used on all types of game; deer, bear, moose and elk with great success. They were and are extremely fine hunting bullets. They will expand and transfer tremendous energy from 25 -200 yds. They are a great big game bullet.

As the demand for lighter jacketed bullets grew we developed the jacketed Hydra Con. This projectile came in 5 weights originally: 45 caliber 180gr., 200 gr. and 50 & 54 caliber 250 gr., 275 gr. and 300gr. All these bullets were enhanced with the Hydraulic Expansion System and proved to be dynamite on game. The lighter weights are one shot killers on deer size game and the heaver bullets have taken elk, moose, buffalo, and bear. In 2005 we put these bullets and the Ballistic Extreme to the test on hogs. See our Web Page Field Test 2005. The results were better then I could have hoped for. The 180 gr. 45 caliber was a bit light (now discontinued) while the 200gr., 250gr. were one shot killers, but did not give complete pass through. Most of the time the 275 gr. would shoot completely through the shoulder plates, the 300 gr. would not stop in the hog. The 300 gr. pictured in the 2005 hunt was recovered from nose to tail shot. Regardless of the bullet used no follow up shot was required.

That has been the results with all Hydra Cons; we expect a quick one shot kill. I am sure there have been exception, but thus far we have been blessed with no complaints. Regardless of the Hydra Con’s effectiveness, there was a continual “urging” for a Ballistically Enhanced Polymer tip Bullet that would still perform well on game. After years of sketching on napkins, airplane tickets and whatever else might be on hand at the time, the Parker Ballistic Extreme was born. This bullet comes in 2 weights, 250 gr. and 275 gr., sub-inch groups at 100 yards are expected providing the rifle/twist combination is present in a quality weapon. In rifles such as Ultimate Firearms, BP Express, Bad Bull, Ultralite, Savage, Swinglock, Franklin Rifles and numbers of custom weapons, 400 yards accuracy is outstanding, Effectiveness on game is equally impressive. I personally shot a 2 ½ “ group at 400 yards last fall with BP Express using 200 grs. of PDX Pellets (4-50 cal. Pellets) a MMP Short Black Sabot and a Parker 275 gr. Ballistic Extreme Projectile. In 2006 Idaho deer season I took a nice whitetail with the same load, the range finder called it 310 yards.

At this point in time the Ballistic Extreme seems to be the bullet of choice. This is due to their inherent accuracy, great terminal energy qualities and their superior ballistic qualifications. However, those who shoot the Hyda Con know they are accurate and provide quick clean kills.

Note: Later this year we will be offering a long range projectile wt. 325 gr. BC .450. More to come.

– Bob Parker

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  1. I love the 300 jacketed hydra con always accurate and always pass through performance,and it does not matter if there blems or what. Unbelievable what this projectile is capable of. Thanks Bob Parker