Thursday, May 12, 2011


We have developed a western states bore size bullet for the T.C. This projectile meets the legalities of all western states in regards to length and composition. Testing was done in the T.C. Pro Hunter; accuracy runs 11/2—2 inches @ 100 yds. This is not a target load, but will do well for the open sight hunting mandated by the western states requirements. The powder chosen is Blackhorn 209, the load 85 grains (weighed). Particular attention should be given to keeping the flash channel of the T.C. breech plug free of primer deposit build up---here are the essentials.

  1. Because of the length of the T.C. breech plug fouling from the 209 primer will build up inside the flash channel causing poor ignition.
  2. To keep this passage clear use a 1/8 drill bit and either by hand or using a regular drill remove the fouling. The deposit will be hard; don’t be fooled, just because you can see light through the channel does not mean it is completely open. If this build up is present—accuracy will suffer. NOTE ATTACHED PHOTOS OF THE PROCESS
  3. The next concern is the flash hole in the plug itself. If using Blackhorn 209 the hole dia must be at least .032 for proper ignition. When all components are right your T.C. will shoot these conicals well. NOTE---EASY WAY TO MEASURE FLASH HOLE SIZE IS TO USE A CUTTING TOURCH TIP CLEANER—FIND THE CLEANER THAT FITS THE HOLE—USE YOUR CALIPERS TO MEASURE THE CLEANER USED.

I have spent the better part of a year developing and testing various shapes, weights, alloys and styles of bullets. The T.C. is not bore size friendly—it loves the sabots, but bore size is another matter. If you are one of the lucky hunters planning a Western States hunt this year and you are planning to shoot a T.C. the Western States Legal 475 gr HydraCon will serve you well. Questions, call Bob Parker 208 596 8430.

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