Thursday, March 24, 2011


The Hydraulic Conical came into being because of my personal need for a hunting bullet that would give an effective, reliable and humane harvest of big game.

When the Hydra Con (Hydraulic Conical) was conceived the primary focus of the bullet industry was large bore size conicals, these were the bullet of choice and most commonly used, therefore, this type of projectile became our focus also. The Hydra Con soon proved it effectiveness in the field and quickly gained a reputation of a great game bullet. The bullet demonstrated the ability to expand and penetrate giving devastating energy transfer therefore, clean humane kills.

These bore size conical are legal in all western states complying with both construction and length requirements. The following photographs are a pictorial walk through the making of the Hydra Con. This is a custom patented process. Each bullet is cast from the same mould one at a time. The process is slow and labor intensive. The reason the bullets do not lend themselves to automation is the depth of the hollow cavity, in an automated process pin extraction is very difficult.

Here is the process; I hope you enjoy the journey.

If you hunt the Western U.S. and find yourself with an all lead conical restriction, try the Hydra Con I believe you will be satisfied.

-Bob Parker

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